Industrial chimney with smoke coming out
Public Sector Readiness for Net Zero Carbon by 2030: Evidence Report

More detailed findings and data from our call for evidence work


Our first piece of work on climate change is a baseline review that asks:

‘How is the public sector preparing to achieve the Welsh Government’s collective ambition for a net zero public sector by 2030?'

We have published two reports to share our findings:

  • Key findings report: a summary report, published on the 14th of July 2022, that targets senior leaders and those with scrutiny roles in public bodies, with the aim of inspiring them to increase the pace of their work on achieving the 2030 collective ambition. In that report, we set out the overall conclusion from our work and five calls for action for organisations to tackle the common barriers to decarbonisation in the public sector.
  • This evidence report: supplementing the key findings report by providing more detailed findings and data from the call for evidence and our wider work.

We found that the response to the statement asked in our evidence report was over all positive

We did, however, find considerable uncertainty about whether the collective ambition for a net zero public sector will be achieved by 2030.


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