• Unscheduled Care in Wales – a system under real pressure
    Unscheduled Care in Wales – a system under real pressure
  • Skills Competition Wales
    Skills Competition Wales
  • Cyber resilience – one year on
    Cyber resilience – one year on
  • Helping to tell the story through numbers
    Helping to tell the story through numbers
    When we started planning our work on local…
  • Melting planet
    Call for clearer information on climate change spending
  • Icon of light bulb, graduation cap and computer
    From Graduate Trainee to Audit Lead
  • Volunteers Ready to Help the Community
    Actions speak louder than words
    We’re not known for having snappy titles for our national studies here at Audit Wales, but this one’s a mouthful even by our standards.
  • Icon image of a child
    Wales’ schools face the alarming challenge of the lowest birth-rate in 100 years
  • Speech bubbles
    The Lost Art of Conversation?
    How Transatlantic connections are made between Wales and Nova Scotia using the power of conversation
  • Icon of a heart, house with a heart inside and a flame
    Warming up for our latest report – the Warm Homes Programme
  • Melting planet
    COP26: Shining a light on the Welsh response to climate change
  • Image of a laptop with magnifying glass inside
    My placement with Audit Wales in the Planning and Reporting team
    Whilst at university, I received a cognitive diagnosis
  • Image of a lightbulb
    Graduating into a pandemic
  • Image of a lightbulb
    A week in the life of a trainee auditor
    I joined Audit Wales in October 2020 as a graduate trainee.
  • Person thinking
    Tell us your views: Is the new Curriculum for Wales on track?
    Schools and teachers face a big job to recover after the COVID-19 pandemic which continues to affect pupils’ well-being and learning.
  • Image of a student studying
    Student money worries: Key facts and figures
    Two weeks since A-Level results day and thous