Equality and human rights

We also have a responsibility to uphold the conventions set out in the Human Rights Act 1998 [Opens in new window]. We are committed to providing a work environment that values the diversity of all people, both our own staff and those with whom we come into contact during our work, and we fully support the rights of people to be treated with dignity and respect.
Our Strategic Equality Plan outlines our continued commitment to equality and our related objectives. Our annual reports on progress made towards delivering our equality objectives are available within the Publications section.

Making reasonable adjustments

Our Reasonable Adjustments Policy [PDF 153KB Opens in new window] explains our overall approach to making adjustments for people who have an impairment and who indicate that the way we carry out our functions might otherwise disadvantage them. In addition, we recognise that individuals with other protected characteristics may also require adjustments.

If you are likely to require any adjustments when dealing with us, please provide as much detail as you can about the type of adjustments you think you may need to the Wales Audit Office staff (or persons who provide services to the Wales Audit Office) that you are dealing with.

Impact assessments

We have also put in place arrangements for assessing the likely impact of relevant policies and practices in our organisation on our ability to meet the general equality duty [Opens in new window] and uphold the Human Rights Conventions.
Our assessments are focused around the following questions:
  • Is there potential for discrimination or adverse impact with regard to the general equality duty, or for an infringement of human rights?
  • Have all opportunities to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity, foster good relations and support human rights been taken?
We subsequently publish reports on our assessments of policies and practices that are particularly relevant.
  1. Performance Appraisal Scheme [PDF 201KB Opens in new window]
  2. Social Media Policy [PDF 194KB Opens in new window]
  3. Shared parental leave and shared parental pay policy [PDF 122KB Opens in new window]
  4. Capability policy [PDF 125KB Opens in new window]
  5. Reasonable adjustments policy [PDF 101KB opens in new window]