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Progress made towards achieving our priorities

26 October 2023
  • We’ve published our Interim Report

    Our Interim Report provides a summary of how we’re delivering or progressing our plans since our Annual Plan was published in April 2023.

    Work is on-going to complete our audit of accounts work for 2022-23 accounts and despite efforts, such as introducing overtime for this work and diverting staff from other projects, which has had a knock impact on the delivery of other work, the deadline to complete audit of accounts remains challenging.

    Nonetheless, our work has continued to play a key role in supporting the work of the Public Accounts and Public Administration Committee (PAPAC) in its consideration of the use of resources and the discharge of public functions in Wales.

    In terms of running the business, our move to our new Cardiff office in Capital Quarter at the end of March 2023 followed extensive engagement with staff to secure premises that meet our evolving business needs and supported staff wellbeing. Feedback from staff has been positive and a similar approach was used in the subsequent planning and delivery of the relocation of our North Wales office from Abergele to space in the Welsh Government’s office in Llandudno Junction in September 2023.

    During quarter 1 of 2023 for the first time, we used an independent research company to obtain stakeholder feedback on our behalf. We were extremely pleased with the positive messages we received. This reflects on the amazing work of our teams and individuals working across the organisation.

    Despite resourcing challenges, we remain committed to providing high quality public audit to ensure the value for money from every pound of public spending. Our staff are our greatest asset to achieving this and we continue to focus on staff recruitment, training, and development to provide a strong, sustainable, independent public audit office.  Auditor General, Adrian Crompton

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