Lindsay Foyster

Headshot photograph of Lindsay Foyster

Lindsay has been a Nonexecutive member of the Wales Audit Office Board since 2015. During this time she has a held a number of roles including Equalities Lead, Chair of the Remuneration and HR Committee and Senior Independent Director. She previously worked for 30 years in the mental health third sector in Wales, with over 19 years experience at board and corporate level as the Director of Mind Cymru. She has also had board experience with a number of other third sector organisations. Her particular areas of interest are good governance, equalities and diversity and community engagement.

As well as serving as  Non Executive Equalities Lead at Audit Wales she was the corporate Equalities Lead for Mind and throughout her working life Lindsay has championed the voice of people, from across diverse communities, to be heard and taken into account particularly when looking at public service development and improvement. 

Away from the work of the Board, Lindsay lives in a small village near Caerphilly with two energetic dogs and was a governor for the local rural primary school for around ten years. She also draws on her training and experience as an executive coach and mentor, including supporting the role of women on boards.