Transatlantic Conversations - Community Resilience and Regeneration

Transatlantic Conversations - Community Resilience and Regeneration
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Creating connections between Wales and Nova Scotia, the Transatlantic Conversations are an opportunity to share perspectives and experiences across the ocean.

The next Transatlantic Conversation will be on the theme of Community Resilience and Regeneration - discussing how communities can work to secure their own futures. The event will be held on 10/6/21 from 14:00-15:30 BST, which is 10:00-11:30 ADT.

Conversations build community and relationships and open us up to different perspectives and possibilities. Some of the most beneficial conversations at conferences are those that happen outside of the facilitated sessions, with those who do our jobs elsewhere. This collaborative between Audit Wales, CLARI and Consider Conversation: Global Insights, Strategies, Connections is creating this same opportunity for you.

This 90-minute event will provide an opportunity to speak with others working in similar areas and/or who have an interest in this theme. Please take some time ahead of the session to consider where your organisation is in relation to the theme, and bring ideas, solutions and any challenges you may be facing that you’d like to share

10 June 2021
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